About Auburn

Auburn is a city located in Lee County in the state of Alabama in the United States. Auburn is known to be a college town, which is home to Aubun University. This city has been ranked as one of the best cities to live in the United States. This city has a southern climate with mild winters. In the summer it is hot and muggy. The spring and fall seasons bring a moderate climate. Auburn is positioned near the Gulf of Mexico and it receives a lot of rainfall. Tropical storms and hurricanes are likely during the summer and fall seasons. The university, manufacturing, and research centers are part of Auburn's economy. The public school system in Auburn has been ranked the top in the state and in the United States. More information about businesses can be easily found in the Auburn, AL business directory or the Auburn, AL yellow pages.

Auburn is located in the southeastern section of Alabama. Auburn University Regional Airport is a general aviation airport. The major regional airports are located close to Auburn are Montgomery Regional Airport and Columbus Metropolitan Airport. This city is known to be bicycle-friendly and it has even received an award from the League of American Bicyclists. Bike rides and events take place in the town as well. Aurburn has an art museum, theater, and an orchestra. Dance schools are popular in Auburn and a variety of different dance classes are available like jazz, ballet, ballroom, hip-hop, and Irish dancing.Auburn has 16 parks with trails and lakes for all those nature lovers. Popular sports in Auburn include football and basketball. The media includes local television stations, radio stations, and newspapers. Auburn has a 170 year history behind it's name. This history includes Nobel Prize winners, artists, architects, professional athletes, governors, admirals, and generals all of who came from Auburn. This is the perfect town to visit if you are vacationing in Alabama. It is quite a lovely area to relocate a business, home, or office. The population of this city is nearly 60,000. It is known to be the fastest growing metro area in Alabama.

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