About Decatur

Decatur is a small Alabama town located in the Northern part of the state. Decatur is known as The River City as it is surrounded by the Tennessee River as well as the banks of Wheeler Lake. This also allows for the city to be a major transportation hub. Decatur got its name from Stephen Decatur, a hero of the War of 1812. Decatur was incorporated into a town in 1826. In 2009, there were just over 56,000 residents who called the city home. Because of its close proximity to the Tennessee River, Decatur is always offering residents and visitors alike great opportunities in the great outdoors. Finding an array of fishing, boating, and other outdoor fun can be found using the Decatur, Alabama yellow pages directory.Decatur has a number of different employment opportunities. The majority of residents in the city are employed in manufacturing fields, followed closely by educational, health, and science fields. The average annual income for those in the city is $36,000 per year. Several large corporations are located in Decatur, including the headquarters for 3M.

All of the top companies in Decatur can be found using a Decatur, AL business directory. The city has 14 elementary schools, two high schools, and three middle schools with a total of over 8,300 students enrolled in schools in the area. Huntsville is the nearest city to Decatur, located 25 miles south of the city. Atlanta, Georgia and Nashville, Tennessee are also located within a 2-hour drive from the city of Decatur.Summers in Decatur can be very hot and humid, while winters are usually very mild and comfortable. June through September are the hottest months in the city, with temperatures over 100 degrees most days during these months. August receives the highest temperatures during these months, averaging 108 degrees. In the winter, expect temperatures to fall between 75 and 85 degrees. In January, the coldest month in the area, the average day time temperature is 76 degrees. The chances of snow fall in Decatur exist, but it is highly unlikely to happen. Many people enjoy the beautiful winters offered in Decatur.

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