About Dothan

Dothan, AL sits southeast of the state of Alabama, with a population of approximately 65,447 people as of the 2007 Census Bureau reports. The city houses three counties, including Houston, Dale, and Henry county. The actual name Dothan comes from a biblical verse that the city dwellers came up with after changing it from its original name of Poplar Head. The population of Dothan is very diverse in various cultures, however the ratio of these cultures are widespread. White Americans encompass the majority of the city with a percentage of over 65% in population. African Americans come in second with a little over 30%. Hispanics make up a very small portion of the city in at just above a percent, where other ethnicities fall bellow one percent. Dothan, AL covers 86.6 square miles of the entire state. The majority of this is land, whereas less than one percent is water. It is also a very humid city that generates high temperatures during the summer, and still even milder temperatures in the winter, compared to other states. Rarely is there snow fall in the city, but there are other serious threats regarding climate, including tornados.

The city has been known to be rich in lumber and peanuts, which are top commodities that still have a strong hold on today's trade within the city. Earlier settlers of the land developed business around the pine that makes up a good portion of the land. Later the use of peanuts made the city thrive in the market. Today, the city of Dothan is still know as the Peanut Capital of the World. Transportation to the city of Dothan can be done by just about any means, as there are roads, railways, and airplanes that lead to the destination. By car, there are several highways that lead to the city, which consists of US 84, US 431, and US 231. An interstate for the city is in the works as a recent bill has been passed for production by the current president of the United States. The railroad system to and from Dothan has many inlets and outlets; however, these are not by means of pedestrians. Instead, the Greyhound bus service is the alternative. Dothan, AL does have an airport that sends flights in and out of Georgia via a Delta Airlines subsidiary. The rich history and tourist attraction that is Dothan, AL has made it a landmark of American culture and a place for many to experience the nation's rich history.

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