About Hoover

There are many great places to travel to and live in the world, but one of the greatest is Hoover ,Alabama . It holds one of the largest shopping malls in the world called The Riverchase Galleria. People can travel there and have a great time shopping as well. You can find what stores are in the shopping mall by looking at the Hoover ,AL business directory. Hoover, AL has two counties, which are Jefferson and Shelby. They are also home to the famous baseball team the Birmingham Barons. Michael Jordan started off playing for the Birmingham Barons at a young age. You can find many phone numbers and businesses in the Hoover,AL yellow pages .Hoover, AL was founded by a insurance company owner named William H. Hoover in 1967. The city of Hoover is 43.65 square miles and 1.17% of it is covered by water. The population of Hoover, AL is 62,742 and it is constantly growing. In a study done in the year 2007, it was said that the majority of households make an income of $75,365 a year. The main school district in the city is called The Hoover City School District.

It is combined of elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. Hoover city also only has one television station and that is called ABC 33/40. There are also no radio stations based out of Hoover, Alabama. They can pick up a few from Birmingham, though. There are also only two news papers that are in Hoover as well. They are called Over The Mountain Journal and The Birmingham News. The papers started being published in the year 1991. Hoover city is also near the Appalachian Mountains. If someone is looking for certain businesses or phone numbers while they are in Hoover, AL it is a great way to check out the local Hoover ,Alabama business directory. There is also the Hoover,AL yellow pages which can be a big help as well. Going to Hoover, Al on vacation or moving there to live can be a great location. There are many attractions and beautiful areas to visit, too.

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