About Tuscaloosa

Located in the western portion of Alabama, Tuscaloosa holds recognition as the fifth largest city in the state and at one time used to be the capitol of Alabama. The history of the city dates to the early nineteenth century, although it was named after the Choctaw warrior Tuskaloosa, who battled and was ultimately defeated by sixteenth century discover Hernando de Soto.With a population just slightly more than 209,000 people, geographers categorize Tuscaloosa as a mid-size city, although its metropolitan area spans three counties. The city, despite its relatively small size in comparison to other metro areas, has earned recognition as one of the top one hundred cities in the U.S. for which to live and to start a business. In fact, many new businesses are often listed in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama business directory or the Tuscaloosa, AL yellow pages.Appreciated for its sunny weather and temperate climate, Tuscaloosa has four distinct seasons that are influenced in part by the city's proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. The city has fallen victim to hurricanes, snowstorms, and tornadoes. As the city is located in the U.S. South portion of the country, its summers often feature hot, humid days, with temperatures that can climb as high as one hundred degrees.

In the winter, while snow may not fall often, Tuscaloosa's temperatures can fall as low as twenty degrees and sometimes lower. In fact, the occasional snowfall and ice storm often paralyzes the city until the weather subsides.During all seasons, Tuscaloosa residents appreciate sporting events, especially those of the University of Alabama, which calls the city its homes. The University of Alabama engages in rivalry play against Auburn University. Tuscaloosa transforms into a frenzy as the two schools take each other on in athletic competition, particularly during football season. The two rivals have been known to engage in bitter feuds over which school tops the other. Tuscaloosa residents like to boast of their backing their beloved University of Alabama teams at all costs. Tuscaloosa also hosts a variety of restaurants and nightclubs. Tourists can find jazz and blues musicians performing at many such venues. The city is also known for its barbecue cuisine, with some residents preferring white barbecue sauce rather than the traditional tomato-based barbecue sauces found in other southern cuisines. Additionally, the city now features a wide variety of international restaurants and cuisine, including Italian, Indian, and French restaurants.

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