About Fort Smith

Fort Smith, AR is one of the major cities in the state of Arkansas, that sits on the western part of the state. The population of Fort Smith is approximately 86,000+ people as of a U.S. Census report from 2010. Sebastian county is the hosting county of Fort Smith and it is also situated along the border of Arkansas and Oklahoma. The city of Fort Smith is known as a military city, as this is what it was originally designed for during the earlier years of the 1800s. The city is approximately 52 square miles with the greater portion of this being land.(Approx. 50 sq. mi.) The remaining portion of it is water, with some 2.6 square miles in coverage. The city of Fort Smith falls under the Central Standard Time zone and the entire city also relies on one area code of 479. There is a diverse mixture of races throughout the city with dominating ethnicities, including white Americans at about 75 percent, Hispanics at nearly 9 percent, and African Americans just under 9 percent.

The climate of Fort Smith is moderate in the winters and hot in the summers. The city also produces a lot of humidity and therefore faces many threats of tornadoes. The transportation to and from the city of Fort Smith is filled with many outlets and inlets. State routes 71 and 64 provide travels throughout the city, as interstates 40 and 49 provide access to other states. The Fort Smith Regional Airport supports travels by flight and there are yet bus transportation throughout the city, both on a national level as well as local. The Jefferson Bus line is what connects people of the city of Fort Smith with surrounding cities, including the home city of Former President Bill Clinton. More local transportation is also available through the Fort Smith Transit system, with various bus routes to and from high traffic locations around the city.

The city of Fort Smith also includes many attractions and well known landmarks throughout the city. A complete and full list of places to visit can be found in any Fort Smith,AR business directory. The Fort Smith,AR yellow pages is another resource to use when trying to locate the abundance of sites within the city. Some of the attractions include the Phoenix Expo Center, which holds many events, functions, and conventions by the masses. The Expo Center is also situated within another attraction in itself, which is Kay Rogers Park. Some of the landmarks of the city include the Belle Grove Historical District and the Fort Smith National Historical Site. Thee are many sites to see and many places to go, while also many things to learn of this rich and historical place that is Fort Smith, AR.

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