About Pine Bluff

Pine Bluff is a city that is located in Jefferson County in the state of Arkansas in the United States. This city is located in the southeast section of Arkansas. This area is mostly flat land and farm land. Creeks, steams, bayous, and lakes are popular in this area. This is a rich agricultural area. Cotton, soybean, timber, catfish, cattle, rice, and poultry are most popular. There are quite a few industries that produce cottonseed oil, paper, wood, and wire products. This area has a quite distinctive odor because of the paper mills. Major employers in this area are medical centers, food packaging, arsenal, and the railroad.To get direct business listings you can look in the Pine Bluff, Arkansas local yellow pages and the Pine Bluff, AR business directory. There is a Department of Corrections that is located in this city. Pine Bluff has a very large convention center and a center for theatrical performances.

If you are planning a vacation to Pine Bluff, then this area has many activities to offer you like golf, tennis, bass fishing, and water sports. Many events take place here every year and they include gumbo festivals, Halloween celebrations, and barbecue festivals. There are two universities in this area as well as public schools and private schools.Pine Bluff has a municipal airport. It serves as a base for general aviation aircraft. Bus and charter services are also available. Pine Bluff has a levee that is 380 miles long and this levee runs from Pine Bluff to Venice, Louisiana. Pine Bluff is about 47 square miles of land area. This city is known to be the most dangerous metropolitan area in the United States due to high crime and poverty. Pine Bluff is situated on the Arkansas River. This area includes several large churches and two industrial parks. For shopping there is a large mall and shopping centers. Tourism is popular in the area of Pine Bluff. There are a number of hotels for visitors. Many restaurants are available offering a variety of cuisines and fast food. There is something for everyone here.

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