About Bullhead City

Where exactly is Bullhead City located in Arizona? It is actually on a river, the Colorado River to be exact. This is in Mohave County, Arizona. Bullhead City is not far from some well known cities, such as Las Vagas, Nevada. It is about one hundred miles south of Las Vagas. It is not far from the Mojave Indian Reservation, hence the name of the county. It is a very small knit community that in 2006 had only a little over forty thousand in the population. If you are counting the communities that surround Bullhead City, then the population goes from forty thousand to a little over seventy five thousand. Keep in mind though, that this is including four other cities as well, so none of them are heavily populated cities.

Mohave people were the first people known to live in the Colorado River Valley. They were the natives. Being that Bullhead City is on a river, the soil was rich and gave the Mohave people the resources that they needed in order to survive. The Mohave people have a legend that tells you everything, from where they thought life began to their encounter with the Spanish explorer, Melchor Diaz. They called themselves the People By the River, which makes sense being that they were the people by the river. This is also where their name came from. The spelling has been changed, but the majority of the natives still use the original spelling, which is Mojave.The climate of bullhead is very hot. Bullhead City is one of the cities with the hottest temperatures in the United States. The average in January is sixty five degrees. While in July the average temperature is around one hundred and twelve degrees F. For there to be this kind of heat and only a few inches of precipitation each year, how do they cultivate crops? The river itself provides perfectly for this. Even though is is so hot, the things that they are able to grow are produced in some of the very best soil. Which is a good thing since Bullhead City has the temperature of a desert.

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