About Casas Adobes

Casas Adobes is a city that makes up the Tuscan Metro area in Arizona. It is gorgeous. There are so many things that you can do here. Just from looking at pictures, you can tell that they people here like being outdoors very much. The pictures show so many different recreational activities. Some of these included hiking and golfing as well as lots of camping. The meaning of Casas Adobes comes from the Spanish roots. It means Adobe Houses. Casas Adobes is known for having a shopping center that is very unique. Casas Adobes is pretty much the city. It looks very cultured. It looks very Spanish. It has one shopping center, one mall, one major hospital, and the only botanical park. The community has just about sixty thousand residents, but when it was established in the 1940s, it was a relatively small community.Some of the demographics of the Casas Adobes are that around fifty four thousand people live here. There were about twenty two thousand households in the Casas Adobes.

The majority of the people who live in the Casas Adobes are white; a little over one percent of the population is African American, and a little more than .5 percent of the population consists of Native Americans. There are a little over two percent of the people that live in the Casa Adobes are Asian. Other races that do not fit into any of these categories make up about four and a half percent of the population in the Casas Adobes. Hispanics are not even the majority of the population. While they make a nice percentage of the population, the fact remains that majority of them were pushed out when the white people made contact with the land. The Hispanics and Latinos only make up about fourteen percent of the population in the Casas Adobes. There are also a lot of multiracial people who live in the Casas Adobes.There is about thirty percent of the population who has at least one child under the age of eighteen living in the household. Most of the people surveyed were married couples who were living together. From this one figure alone, you can also tell that they are somewhat traditional people because of the numbers. They might not believe in living together before marriage.There are also a lot of older people who live here.

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