About Drexel Heights

Drexel Heights is a city in Pima County that is located in the state of Arizona in the United States. The climate is moderate with an average rainfall of about 12 inches a year. In the winter the temperature ranges about 52 degrees. In the spring, the average temperature is about 66 degrees. In the summer months, the temperature is an average of 85 degrees. The fall temperature is usually around 71 degrees. This city is located in southern Arizona. Nearby cities include Valencia West, Tucson Estates, South Tucson, Summit, Drexel-Alvernon, and Flowing Wells.There is much diversity in flora and fauna in Drexel Heights. There are many attractions that draw visitors from all areas of the world here. Map and driving directions are available online if you are planning to visit the area. You can also find listings for business and home sales in the Drexel Heights, Arizona business directory or the Drexel Heights, AZ yellow pages. You will also find museums, parks, fairgrounds, and racetracks located in or near this city.

Calendar events for the month of March include the Wounded Hero's Baseball Classic, Charity Spring Training Game, Second Annual Civilian Conservation Corps Recognition Day, and the 23rd Annual Nam Jam Concert, Car Show, and Chili Cook-off.This is a nice area to plan on visiting for vacation as it has much to offer. This area is full of natural wonders. Coronado National Forest is nearby. Saguaro National Park is as well. You can see cacti as tall as trees. This is an area that is home to over 100 species of beautiful butterflies. You will have a lot of sightseeing adventures here. You can even plan your vacation to Drexel Heights online where travel agents have available many package deals. You can book flights to Drexel Heights at a very reasonable price. Local hotels in the area offer excellent accommodations as well. Visit the Sonora Desert Museum while you are there. They have space available for special gatherings, dinners, and banquets. There is so much to do here that you will never experience a dull moment. You can start planning your visit to Drexel Heights, AZ now.

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