About Flagstaff

For many Flagstaff is a place to go through to get to the Grand Canyon, but a look at the Flagstaff, Arizona business directory shows there is much to see and do. Walk through the downtown district, explore the surrounding area, and take advantage of local attractions. Situated at an intersection of I-40 running east to west and I-17 that runs south to Phoenix, Flagstaff is easy to get to not only by car, but bus or train as well.

Within an easy driving of the Grand Canyon and Sedona it is easy to pass by Flagstaff as a stopping point for food and fuel. Stop for a while! Check the Flagstaff, Arizona yellow pages and you will find a host of things to do! While there are things one hopes are not needed, such as automobile repair or medical treatment, these services are easy to find with a short search. A wide variety of restaurants are available from common fast food to unique to Flagstaff places with entertainment. There are a variety of things to do inside, but also places to get outdoors for camping, hiking, or wildlife watching.

Whether it is an elk, cougar, or songbird, Flagstaff is home to a variety of livestock. Stocked lakes tempt the fisherman while the chance to wake to a beautiful foggy meadow can lure you to camp not that far from town on public lands. It is important to plan for the weather. Sitting at about 7,000 feet elevation, with spots in the area over 2,000 feet higher, Flagstaff is different from the deserts. Many a visitor comes to Arizona hearing about 100 degree temperatures and gets surprised with snow in the mountains! Winter driving can meet with black ice and a reminder to respect nature. Bitter cold winds can visit in the winter. This time of year can hold its own beauty if you are prepared for it! Winter skiing can also be an attraction for many. If you love nature, then Flagstaff is a must see destination! It is home to worlds largest contiguous ponderosa pine forest, which you can explore just minutes from downtown Flagstaff. Some describe it as an almost spiritual experience with nature.For whatever your interests or reasons for visiting, this is a great place to spend some time. Look up the Flagstaff, Arizona yellow pages, business directory or online search. Come to Flagstaff Arizona. How will it change you?

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