About Fortuna Foothills

Fortuna Foothills is located in Yuma County in the state of Arizona. There are many hotels in the area if you plan on visiting here. Vacation rentals and travel deals are also available. Spacious RV sites are really popular here. This is a sunny summer destination. The winter and spring season can be quite windy. You can experience breathtaking views, biking, ans walking. Plenty of businesses are located in the area and you can find them all in the Fortuna Foothills, Arizona business directory. Fortuna Foothills, AZ zip codes can be found in the local Fortuna Foothills, AZ yellow pages. They have excellent schools in the area if you are planning to relocate and you have children that attend school.The Temple Veil Concert is an event that is scheduled for March at a local church and it will include live music. This concert is for all ages. Fortuna Foothills, AZ is a very nice place to retire. The population is near 26,000. It is located about 143 miles from Phoenix.

Temperatures can reach near 106 degrees in the winter or the summer. The average time for workers who commute is about 20 minutes. The crime rate in this area is extremely low. Fortuna Foothills has many restaurants located nearby to suit your dining needs. They serve pizza, seafood,gourmet coffee, wine and spirits, fajitas, Chinese cuisine, chicken, and much more.This area is known to have some of the best hiking trails and recreation spots. Some of them include campground, trails, peaks, RV parks, and many more. This is a great place to take a family vacation or getaway. Swimming, boating, fishing, and picnicking is popular in the area and at the campgrounds, too. There will never be one dull moment for you or your friends. You can book package deals online which include flight, and campground accommodations at a very reasonable price. National wildlife refugees are also located nearby. Remember to prepare for the hot, dry climate. You can save a lot of money by asking your travel agent for a package deal that includes flight, hotel or campgrounds, and dining needs.

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