About Gilbert

Located just outside of Phoenix, Gilbert, Arizona is a place anyone would want to be. The city has been named as one of the most livable cities in the United States, and the excitement over the city does not stop there. In the town of 207,000 residents, the crime rate is low and beauty is always quite abundant. While there is some criminal activity in Gilbert, the numbers are relatively low compared to other areas in the United States. Like other Arizona cities, the weather in Gilbert can get very hot and humid in the summer. In the month of August, the hottest of the year, temperatures average 104 degrees each day. The winters in Gilbert are much more mild, with the average temperature of 70 degrees during the winter months. January is the coldest month of weather the city experiences. The city of Gilbert was incorporated into a town in July 1920, and was known as a farming and agricultural area until the early 1970s when economic developments turned the city into a fast growing area with businesses and people moving into the area rapidly.

Gilbert is an affluent area, filled with many high-paying jobs and large corporations in the city. Many of the jobs available in the area involve technology and renewable energy. The average median income of a Gilbert resident is just over $75,000 each year. A Gilbert, Arizona business directory can help you easily find all of these high paying positions and top companies in the area. It is estimated that 36% of the population of Gilbert holds a Bachelor's Degree or higher for their education.Gilbert is also known as a bicycle and tree-friendly community. Bicycling is an activity participated in by many residents of the city. Gorgeous trees are found throughout the city and bring even more beauty to the area. There are many bicycling programs found in the area which can be easily found with the help of a Gilbert, Arizona yellow pages directory. Mesa is located 4 miles away from Gilbert while Phoenix is just 22 miles away, offering many additional opportunities to find exciting programs.

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