About Lake Havasu City

Lake Havasu City, AZ is located in the south western part of Mohave county Arizona. The city of Lake Havasu covers approximately 43 square miles of the county of Mohave, with less than 1 square mile of that land being water. The population of Lake Havasu city is just over 52,000 people, as of the US census for 2010. The diversity amongst races within the city of Lake Havasu is a landslide when it comes to white Americans over any other race. White Americans encompass over 90 percent of the population of the city, while Hispanics are second at approximately 7 percent. African Americans are at the bottom of the list in populating the city at just above 30 percent, according to reports from the US Census as of the year 2000.

Lake Havasu City is a very popular and famous place for tourist attractions and generates visitors from across the nation frequently every year. Events such as spring break, fishing tournaments and jet ski races are just a few well known events that are held in the city. Well known and popular places to visit include the London Bridge, Wheeler Park, Havasu 95 Speedway, Havasu Skateboard and BMX Park, as well as Lake Havasu and the Colorado River, just to name a few. The Lake Havasu City yellow pages or Lake Havasu City business directory are good places to start, when looking into places to visit upon a trip to the famous city. The climate in the city is very hot and very dry. Often temperatures are well above 100 degrees. A record breaking high of 128 degrees has been recorded in 1994. Low temperatures are still considerably warm, compared to other cities, which range from approximately 60 degrees to 85 degrees.

Transportation to the city is limited to two major interstates, by way of car. There is interstate 40, that leads to route 95 which leads travelers into the city, while interstate 10 leads to the city from the south. Lake Havasu City's government is constructed of a mayor and city council members. The majority of residents in the city are republican at just above 50 percent, while a little more than a third are democrats, and yet there is still a percent of independent residents with regard to political affiliation. Because of the city of Lake Havasu growing with popularity by way of attractions and tourists, the city is and will continue to thrive in famous places to visit.

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