About Phoenix

Before Phoenix, Arizona was recognized as a city, the Hohokam people inhabited it. They thrived for more than 1,000 years before they left the area due to severe drought. It is situated in the Sonoran Desert, which is the South central section of the state. The land remained primarily empty before it was founded in 1861. Twenty years later it was officially recognized as a city. Since its incorporation, Phoenix has grown to be one of the largest cities in Arizona today. Its rapid growth has also made it the seventh largest city in the United States. The size of the city as well as its location helped it become the state's capital. The city's colorful past includes UFO sightings better known as Phoenix lights.

Today the city of Phoenix is filled with large, beautiful skyscrapers and booming businesses. Its super hot summers and surprisingly warm winters make it a perfect getaway for tourists. Families with small children can find plenty of local activities with a quick look in the Phoenix, Arizona business directory. Children will love the zoo or kid friendly museums in the area. There are plenty of activities for adults that include horseback riding, fishing, or boating adventures. Tourists looking for peace and relaxation will enjoy a soothing massage at a local day spa or taking a swing at a local golf course. There are also numerous walking trails to choose from in the area as well.

There are many dining choices most of which can be found in the Phoenix, Arizona yellow pages. There is a restaurant for almost every palate. Phoenix is also a favorite spot to many famous celebrities who frequent the lively nightclubs in the area. Entertainment options are endless in the city and often attract attention from individuals across the country.There are close to 6 million people currently living in Phoenix, Arizona. It is also the home to more than 14 United States Indian tribes who live on reservations situated around the city. However, Phoenix is most known for the Grand Canyon, which is one of the world's most visited tourist attractions.

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