About Prescott

Thirty years ago, Prescott, Arizona was the place where people built small mountain cabins to escape the 110 degree Phoenix heat that is prevalent in the summer. Some also placed mobile homes in a small community 16 miles outside the Prescott city limits, called Chino Valley, which was the only way you could reach Kingman, Arizona, the Colorado River, the state of Nevada, and the Grand Canyon. Back then, and even in earlier years, the only thing special about the Prescott Valley was the fact that Wyatt Earp hid out for a while after leaving Tombstone, Arizona in the old Palace Hotel that still stands to this day. If you visit the area, make sure you spend a night at the Palace and see if you can sleep. You can't miss the location. It sits across the street from one of the most beautiful parks you will ever see. And if you strike up a conversation with some old timers in the park, they might remind you that the Palace Hotel was smack dab in the middle of the Red Light district. If you listen closely enough, you might hear the sounds of music, creaky doors, and see ladies of the night plying their trade. It sounds scary, but fun and you can even take a two-hour guided walking tour of the famous district for $20.

Today, Prescott is no longer a place with one traffic light, one hotel, one restaurant, and dirt roads leading in and out of the town. No way. It's also not the small, gentle town that your parents and grandparents knew and loved. Prescott is the county seat of Yavapai County and with a quick flip of the Prescott, Arizona yellow pages and business directory, you will find every type of fast-food restaurant and retail business you would see in a much larger town. So, Prescott, Arizona is much more than a retirement community full of inexpensive manufactured homes. It has an annual rodeo, community college, two newspapers, bed and breakfasts, a huge museum, and much more. Actually, several major magazines have listed Prescott, Arizona as the second best place to retire in the country. It ranks 64th as one of the best small places for a startup new business and a career. And do not forget the real reason Prescott is Prescott. It's a true Western Town and ranks 2nd on the all-time list. Don't miss out!

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