About Alameda

Alameda is the name of a city that is located in the Alameda County Of California, United States. This city is situated on Bay Farm Island as well as Alameda Island; it is also close to Oakland in San Francisco Bay. The island of Bay Farm is otherwise known as the harbor Bay that is close to the International Airport of Oakland. By the 2000 census, the city stood with a population of 72,259. The city of Alameda is the charter city instead of being a city of general law; this simply means that the city can easily provide for any government form. Alameda further became the charter city hence adopting the council-manager government in the year of 1916, which it further retains to its present.Alameda occupies an island that was originally a peninsula, which was connected to Oakland. Many portions of the peninsula were marshy and low-lying; however, the higher ground of the peninsula including the adjacent portions of what is now considered as the downtown Oakland was home to one of the biggest oak forests of the world. This area was hence known as Encinal, a Spanish word meaning oak grove. Alameda is also a Spanish word meaning tree-lined avenue or a grove of trees.

Due to the closeness of the Bay, many kite surfers and wind surfers can be seen by the Shoreline drive and State beach. From these beaches, one can easily view the Skyline of San Francisco and the Oakland- San Francisco Bay Bridge. The city of Alameda is also known for the large stocks of Victorian houses, almost about 9% of the single-family units situated in Alameda City are all Victorians, and many more of these are being divided into two or four-unit dwelling. It is considered that Alameda has many of the 1906 earthquake period homes as compared to any city situated in this Bay Area.The Alameda city is also the home to many training facilities and official offices of the American football team called Oakland Raiders; this is situated on the Island of Bay Farm. This facility is also the home to Raider Image. It is a merchandise arm of its franchise, which the public could visit. Although this island is a few minutes away from Interstate 880, the speed limit set for the city is about 25 mph on every road. Many drivers who are not aware do not fail down even after getting off the highway.Besides all this, it is very easy to access any place in the city, be it a shopping mall or other tourist attractions, one can access or make use of Alameda, CA yellow pages or Alameda, CA business directory.

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