About Baldwin Park

Baldwin Park, California is in the middle of San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles. Baldwin Park is where the first drive-thru in California was opened. It was called the In-N-Out Burger stand. It was officially opened in October of 1948. In 2004, the building was replaced. They have also branched out and have a new store. This store opened in 2006 and is named the In-N-Out University and company. The new one is located on Francisquito Avenue. You will never guess where the company's only meatpackaging plant is located! It is down the street on Hamburger Lane. After the different branches of schools failed in not being able to accommodate all students, they made the Baldwin Park Unified School District within the city limits. There is a total of twenty three schools in the Baldwin Park School District. Since Baldwin Park is constantly expanding, the district is now looking to build more school structures so that they are able to grow along with the ever expanding population.

The state legislature of Baldwin Park is in the twenty forth Senate District. They are a democratic state. Some of the top employers include Touchdown Technologies, Helix Medical, Philips, Callarta Supermarkets, Target, Universal Plastic Mold, The Home Depot, Wal-Mart, United Parcel Service, and Kaiser Permanente. These are not in order from the ones with the most employers, it is just a list. As of 2008, there were approximately ninety five thousand people living in Baldwin Park. According to the census, there were around eighteen thousand homes at this time. The average household size then, was about four and a half people. The racial make up of Baldwin Park goes a little like this. Baldwin Park consists of sixty three percent whites, two percent African Americans, and fifteen percent Asian. The majority of the population is of Hispanic or Latino race. This group of people make up about seventy one percent of the population. Native Americans make up five percent as well as the Pacific Islanders. There is also a show that displays some of the people that live in Baldwin Park. It is very interesting and it depicts some of the statistics very well. You should watch it.

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