About Daly City

Daly City, CA is the home to the last great American duel, which occurred on September 13, 1859, between United States Senator David C. Broderick and former Chief Supreme Court of California Justice David S. Terry. In 1859, the discussion of slavery in the United States was hotly debated in California. Those from the north who had migrated to California during the gold rush felt that slavery ought to be abolished. Those with deeper roots in California felt that slavery ought to be allowed because of the manpower that these slaves provided. They also felt it was the right of the state to withdraw from the United States if they wanted to. In the duel over slavery Broderick was mortally wounded by one of two Belgian .58 caliber pistols used by Terry. Terry was placed on trial. Today visitors to the site can see two stone markers that are small in size. The guns used during the duel were sold at auction on November 25, 1998. They bought $34,500 from a private collector. Those interested in buying pieces of history like these gun should consult the Daly City,CA yellow pages.

Life was not always so rough in Daly City, CA. Daly City, CA is named after John Donald Daly who traveled to the area during the very early days. He and his mother left Boston and joined a mule train to California. During the trip his mother died and young John Daly was left to fend for himself at the age of 13. Upon arriving in California, Mr. Daly first took a job aboard a sea going vessel and became friends with the captain. He then worked in a dairy in the area of San Mateo County. Next he became a pony express rider before deciding to return to the dairy business. Mr. Daly was a shrewd business person and saved enough money to buy his own dairy. He continued to work very hard and his farm prospered soon becoming the largest in the area. Mr. Daly was known as an extremely kind man even building a cabin so that the homeless would have a place to live. Mr. Daly also financed several other businesses in the area that now bears his name. Those looking to find out more about those businesses should consult the Daly City, business directory.


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