About Danville

Danville is a town that is located in the San Ramon Valley in the state of California. This town lies in the county of Costa. Many expensive real estate business and exclusive country clubs make their home here. The town has many large scale businesses, such as energy companies, banks, and investment firms. You can find listings and more information about these businesses in the local Danville, CA yellow pages and also in the Danville, CA business directories. Every Saturday the town hosts a farmer's market. Tourists can find hike trails, bike trails, bookstores, shops, restaurants, and cafes in Danville.

This town hosts a number of public events like exhibits and traveling shows. The town theater hosts many Broadway shows. Towns and cities that are located near Danville are San Ramon, Diablo, Alamo, Walnut Creek, and Pleasanton. Sycamore Creek flows the the town of Danville. Seasonal events in the spring are Devil Mountain 5K/10K Run and The Danville International Children's Film Festival. In the summer are parades and vintage car shows. In the fall is a large art festival and the winter brings a Christmas tree lighting. The economy is centered around a cargo airline that is headquartered in Danville. The town of Danville is located in a very wealthy area of the Bay Area.

Visitors are often drawn to the two museums and 14 parks. This town has a number of public and private schools as well as a library. Parts of two movies were filmed in this town. This town has quite a rustic charm. Many people consider this town to be a very conservative, safe upscale place. The climate in the summer is really hot. Nature lovers and bird watchers may even spot an owl or two. There are three owls that are popular in the area and they are called the Barn Owl, Western Screech Owl, and Great Horned Owl. This is a lovely place for sightseers and nature lovers, but it is not located near any large bodies of waters like lakes or oceans. Homes in the area are of high value. Businesses are too.

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