About East Los Angeles

When the rest of the world thinks of Southern California and what it means to them, unincorporated East LA is often overlooked, and that's a shame. There is much to see, and a community that benefits in some ways from living outside the glare of Hollywood's bright lights and the iconography of such more famous (and overcrowded) nearby cities as Venice Beach, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica.

Most people associate East LA with its most famous native son, comedian Cheech Marin, and his 1985 hit novelty song, "Born in East LA," a sly parody of Bruce Springsteen's "Born n the USA." Marin certainly shined a welcome bright light on the area, with lyrics that specifically mentioned Soto Street, Brooklyn Avenue, City Terrace, and Whittier Boulevard. But a quick look at the East Los Angeles ,CA yellow pages reveals that there is a lot more to the city than its residential streets, and there is much to do here. Los Angeles County operates a number of parks, most notably Atlantic Avenue Park, which offers baseball fields and basketball courts, as well as a gym and a six-lane swimming pool. There is ample space for barbecuing, and volunteers from the community maintain a rose garden. The county also operates the Eastside Eddie Heredia Boxing Club, named after Eddie Heredia, the club's first champion, whose life was cut short by leukemia at the tender age of 17. One of its members went on to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. On Whittier Boulevard one can find the Latino Walk of Fame. Modeled after its more famous cousin on Hollywood Boulevard, the Latino Walk of Fame celebrates the achievements of various Latino celebrities.

When East LA first began to develop in the 1920s, its residents where mostly Jewish. To this day, East LA is home to the Jewish cemetery Home of Peace, which is the final resting place of MGM founder Louis Mayer, as well as the Warner Brothers, Jack, Harry, and Sam. Demographics changed over time, however, as they always do, and today the region's population is over 87% Mexican, Guatemalan, Salvadoran, and Honduran. So visit East LA if ever the opportunity presents itself. Avail yourself of an East Los Angeles ,CA business directory and explore the area's Mexican and Salvadoran restaurants, which are unmatched anywhere in Los Angeles. You'll wish you had been born there, too.

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