About El Cajon

El Cajon, California is one of San Diego's suburbs going toward the mountains to the east. El Cajon city sits in a valley and most of the natives refer to it as the Cajon Valley. It's 480 feet above sea level. It stretches six miles long and 4 miles wide almost like a box. It is surrounded by miles of granite. When you over look the city from above you can see for miles. In the summer, El Cajon can reach up to 100 degrees, and in the winter you can see snow in the mountains. In Spanish El Cajon means large box, probably because the way it sits in the valley like a box.In 1876 El Cajon's population was 90 peoples. As they grew commercially more people started to migrate there. By 1900 the city became known as a agricultural town made up of middle class, from the Northern European descent. A commercial heritage and community was identified by merchants which led to El Cajon being a township by 1912. They had plenty of land for farming. Some of the things that they grew was barley, grapes, and other plants. Cattle was also part of their commercial products. They even had a winning Baseball team.

Today, El Cajon has a population of 94,869. It has a variety of races, White, Black, Indian, Asian, Hawaiian, and Hispanic residents. The miles of agricultural land that the city was known for, some of the land has been replaced with houses, stores, hospitals, schools, and more. Even though the city has a large population it is still a nice clean place to live. If you look into El Cajon, California Yellow pages you will find that they have casino's, resorts, golf courses, and other points of interest. The casinos offer a complimentary voucher to their guests for valet parking, a bottle of wine with a purchase, two for one lunch or dinner buffet, coupons for the machines, and a shuttle if need it. El Cajon is about 17 miles from San Diego, so if you want it to have a day on the Pacific Ocean you wouldn't have to go far.The El Cajon, CA Business directory has listing of large and small meeting places. Some of the hotels offers conference rooms with a banquet. Come visit El Cajon, and have a great experience whether it's for pleasure or for business. See you there!

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