About El Centro

El Centro, California is the largest city in the fertile Imperial Valley of Southern California. El Centro is in proximity to several large metropolitan areas as well as two major border crossings into Mexico. El Centro is accessed easily by I-8, Hwy 86 and Hwy 111.In 1908, the City of El Centro became incorporated, and after a long battle with the city of Imperial, El Centro won the title of the county seat. This promoted large growth to the area, and in the 1940s, it boasted a population of 11,000. In the 1950s and 1960s, agriculture became the main commodity for the area and El Centro with its proximity to the southern pacific rail line, was the main distribution point. According to the El Centro, CA business directory, today the city of El Centro is known for its government and retail employee base as well.

El Centro is one of the largest cities set below sea level. It is located on Interstate 8 just west of the Imperial sand dunes, about an hour west of Yuma, Arizona and 1.5 hours east of San Diego. El Centro is 15 minutes north of the Mexican border and Calexico, home of one of the largest border crossings along United States and Mexico. El Centro lies in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, and the climate is dry and warm. Winters see temperatures that range from 70 to 80 degrees in the day, and 50s at night. Mid-summer the temperatures can reach well into the 110s.A quick glance at the El Centro, CA Yellow Pages shows visitors that the city of El Centro is a thriving business community. The area is predominantly Hispanic with its proximity to the border. The culture and business of El Centro reflects this Latin influence with the products they provide and the decor that is offered. The Imperial Sand Dunes are just 30 minutes to the east, and it is a popular recreation area for off-roaders. Recently the Imperial Sand Dunes have become a haven for movie makers because of it is close to Los Angeles. Some movies filmed there have been Star wars - Return of the Jedi, Jarhead, and The Scorpion King. The Salton Sea, one of the worlds largest inland seas, is north of El Centro and is a popular destination for winter visitors.

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