About Garden Grove

Located close to Los Angeles, Garden Grove, California is a thriving community that offers a wonderful year - round climate. The population in this city is estimated at more than 170,000 and the total area of the city is approximately 18 square miles. The city was founded in the 1870s and has experienced steady growth in population and business for many years. The motto of this city is The City of Youth and Ambition and education is a top priority among city leaders. Garden Grove, California is known far and wide for its exceptional schools. The Garden Grove Unified School District is comprised of 70 schools, including 47 elementary, 10 intermediate and seven high schools. More than a dozen public parks and a sports complex are situated in this city, with many youth and adult sports programs offered.

Every year, on Memorial Day, a very large Strawberry Festival is held in Garden Grove, California. This very popular event features a multitude of carnival rides for adults and children, booths, entertainment, food, and much more. One of the largest annual festivals on America's west coast, the Strawberry Festival draws thousands of visitors to the city every year. An array of cultural and arts-related organizations and events are located in Garden Grove, California and by consulting a Garden Grove, California business directory. one can receive pertinent information regarding these events and organizations. Three live-stage theaters are located here and a Shakespeare Festival is held every summer at Garden Grove's Festival Amphitheater. A premier resort destination-spot is also located in this southern California city.

A healthy business climate is in place in Garden Grove, California, with a good mix of independently-owned businesses and chain stores engaging in commerce there. A broad spectrum of restaurants are located in this city and a scan of the Garden Grove, California Yellow Pages will show listings of many excellent dining spots. A vibrant and active nightlife is enjoyed here, with many social options available. Several top-rated hotels are located in this city and the housing market is basically good. Garden Grove, California is also home to the Crystal Cathedral, the large, glass, Protestant church, that is affiliated with the Reformed Church in America. The church's founder Robert H Schuller was formerly its pastor and is well-known for his longtime television program Hour of Power.

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