About Hanford

Hanford is a part of King's County. This a very cultured city. One of the places that you have to go visit if you plan on going to the city is the Clark Center for Japanese Art and Culture. This particular cultural landmark is a center that is striving to maintain as well as show off many different works of fine art. The main pieces of art that are displayed are different pieces that are from Japan. Everything from the design of the building to the items the specialized library holds has something to do with the Japanese culture. There is also the Hanford Carnegie Museum. This museum was funded by Andrew Carnegie. Andrew Carnegie was a steel industry magnate. This Museum used to be a library. The library was relocated and the other building was then turned into the Museum that it is today. There are some other cultural things that take place in this city as well.

One would be the Kings District Fair. It has become a tradition that happens annually and takes place on four days in the middle of July. The Renaissance of Kings Cultural Arts Fair is another cultural thing that happens. This fair is held for two days and is usually very crowded. It has had more than fifteen thousand visitors within those two days. What this particular fair does is recreate things from the Renaissance period.The sports that you are most likely to see going on if you were to ever visit Hanford, California are bicycling. They have bike racing on some Sunday in March. You will also see people at the Kings Speedway during this time. This is where the auto racing takes place.The Fox Theater is one of the places that is a must see for tourists. The Fox Theater is used a lot for live concerts. A few of the people who have performed here include Kathy Griffin as well as George Jones. The Kings County Courthouse is another place that attracts lots of tourists. It is a very historical place and it is now home to many different offices and restaurants.

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