About Hawthorne

There are around one hundred thousand people who currently live in the city of Hawthorne, California. Racially, the city is composed of mostly people from an either Hispanic or Latino origins. This particular ethnic group accounts for forty four percent of the population. The next group of individuals who make up this city is, African Americans. African Americans make up a total of forty percent of the population. The whites only make up thirty percent of the people who are currently living in the Hawthorne area. This is a big gulp of the entire population,but there are other groups of people who live in the Hawthorne area as well. Some of these ethnic groups are Asians. Asians make up about seven percent of the population. Around five percent of the population are people who are mixed, meaning they are two or more ethnic groups. About twenty five percent are from other races, meaning when they filled out the census, they classified themselves as other. The Island people make up close to one percent of the population in Hawthorne. There is less than one percentage of the population that is Native Americans.

There are a good bit of schools that are located in the Hawthorne area. There is more than one school district in the Hawthorne area. You have the Centinela Valley Union High School District, the Hawthorne School District, the Wiseburn School District, the Lawndale Elementary School District, the Lennox School District, and the Los Angeles Unified School District. With all of these school districts, you have to know that there are a lot of schools in the area. The reason they have so many different school districts is because the is an ever growing number of students. The younger generation is starting to have children, as well as the individuals that are married and are not using any kind of contraception.There is a list of individuals who are or were residents of Hawthorne at one point and time. Some of these people include Marilyn Monroe. She was not a resident for a long period of time, but at one point she was a resident. Another famous person who grew up in Hawthorne is Carl Wilson. Carl was a member of the Beach Boys. He is one of three of the Beach Boys who grew up in Hawthorne.

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