About Inglewood

Inglewood is located on the southwestern side of Los Angeles county. It is one of the most drug stricken cities in Los Angeles. It has one of the nations worst crime rates. There are so many different people that live in the communities in this area. The Latino population is over half of the percentage of the people in this city. There are also a good number of African Americans that live in this particular area. More of the demographics will be given later on.Inglewood was not always so populated. There was a time, before 1960, where majority of the people residing in Inglewood were white. They were not too pleased that their city was becoming crowded with African Americans. It was a very racist city. There were no children who attended the local schools, who were African American. It even got to the point where African Americans were wanting to buy houses in Inglewood, but the different real estate agencies would constantly turn them down.

There was also something else that kept majority of the African Americans off the street. It is said that the African Americans were given a curfew. This curfew was not to be broken. If they were caught on the streets after a certain time, they were most likely beaten badly, or maybe even killed. A lot of the people of that time were ignorant to change. They did nothing to help desegregate the schools or even the housing that was provided to the African Americans.The Hispanic population is growing even faster than the African American population grew. The Census showed in 1990 that the increase of the Hispanics that resided in Inglewood had risen by over one hundred and thirty four percent in ten years. That is an extremely dramatic effect. This was the largest rise in all of the Southern Bay. There were a lot of different economic factors that had a lot to do with where people decided to live. The prices of housing was lower in Inglewood than it was in any other part of California. During this time is when the whites decided that they no longer wanted to live in this part of the city.

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