About La Mesa

La Mesa ,CA is located in the county of San Diego with a population of over 56,000 people as of 2007 reports from the San Diego government. The land has 9.3 square miles of coverage with all dedicated to land and zero square miles of water. The make-up of this land consists of over 64% White Americans, 16% Hispanic Americans, just over 5% of African Americans, and just under 5% of Pacific Islanders. Another 3.9% consists of a mixture of Native Americans and other ethnic groups. The city has four zip codes of 91941, 91942, 91943, and 91944, with one area code of 619. The city's time system is in Pacific Standard Time(PST); however, in the summer after daylight saving time it operates on Pacific Daylight Time(PDT).The governmental system that makes up the city of La Mesa ,CA consists of City Council, City Clerk, City Treasurer, and elected representatives. Each of which communicate amongst each other in some way to devise plans of actions for the city, while also regulates things such as money allocations.

The climate of the city of Mesa is traditionally warm. The average temperature ranges from 76 degrees to 84 degrees, yet there have been record highs well above 100 degrees. The low in the city ranges from 45 degrees to 53 degrees, with record lows recorded at 23 degrees.There are many activities, attractions, and places to visit in the city of La Mesa ,CA that draw locals and foreigners alike throughout the year. Some of these places include parks such as Jackson park, Collier park, and Highwood park. In all, the city encompasses a total of 14 parks. There are several community themed events to attend in La Mesa including the Flag Day Parade and Intergenerational Games. There are also many activities held by the city that caters to a wide range of residents, from children, teens, adults, and senior citizens. The rich city of La Mesa is geared toward wholesome family oriented fun and also provides for a safe and comfortable place to live and visit. This is proven with such things as population growth by the year. A full directory of places to visit and businesses can be found through the La Mesa ,CA yellow pages or the La Mesa ,CA business directory.

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