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Residents in La Mirada, CA are being warned to be on the lookout for coyotes who are being seen in various locations around town. Residents are encouraged to keep the grass very short right now as rodents live in the tall grass. These rodents are the main source of food for the coyotes. Residents are also encouraged to cover any vegetables they are growing at night as the mice also like these vegetables and the coyotes follow the mice. Residents are also encouraged to pickup any fruit that would be available for rodents to munch on. Residents should also remove any pet food left outside at night. Coyotes will eat this food. Coyotes are not afraid of very much and will get very close to residents. They apparently do not like very bright lights, so residents that are very concerned may want to put up bright security lights.

Garbage cans should have secure lids so that the rodents and coyotes cannot get in. During this time of year, coyotes are especially aggressive since they are giving birth to their young. Coyotes tend to be more active between 2 am and 5 am, so small pets and children should be contained during that time. Residents that need help to clean up their properties can find resources in the La Mirada, CA yellow pages.In the state of California, coyote attacks by humans have been on the rise. Since residents are not aggressive toward coyotes they have lost their fear of humans. Coyotes have been known to chase joggers as well as bicyclists and have confronted people walking their dogs. It is hard to know when observing a coyote if it has rabies or not, so those people who are attacked are required to take rabies treatment as a precaution. In 1981, a young child was killed by a coyote who attacked the child while she was playing. Those who need medical attention following a coyote attack should go to the nearest hospital or find doctors using the La Mirada, CA business directory.When attacking a pet, the coyote will usually bite the throat between the jaw and the ear. Therefore, the death of the animal is normally through the large amount of blood loss that occurs. This was the case recently in La Mirada, CA when a little dog was let out in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

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