About Madera

Madera, California is a city located 38 miles west of California's geographic center. It is in the California San Joaquin Valley, and is the location of the American Viticultural Area. Madera is also the county seat of Madera County. Local businesses can be found in the Madera, CA business directory.Madera has a history of being a lumber town. Madera is the Spanish word for wood. The city was originally laid out by The California Lumber Company in 1876. They got their first post office in 1877. Created much later in time then surrounding mining and railroad towns and cities, there was not much excitement about Madera's founding. The California Lumber Company had finished a flume that would bring raw wood down to their new planning mill where it would be finished. This was Madera. Soon after the lumber company was going buildings went up fast. The town grew quickly; 25 buildings went up in the first month. It was starting to really look like a business town. They were simple establishment. A hotel was built by a Mr. Jason.

Captain Mace's saloon was built facing the mill on what would become Yosemite Ave. This saloon expanded to include a hotel. This new hotel was the one actually recorded as Madera's first hotel. Competition didn't stop there. A saloon was opened next door to Mace's by C.E. Strivens. There was a house owned by Mark Anderson that sat across The Southern Pacific Railroad tracks that was opened to the public as a mercantile. It was the only store at that time. The stores four miles south in Borden became jealous of the quickly growing town. In only a few years Madera surpassed Borden. By March 21, 1877 the people there had a meeting and started plans for the school on two acres. A church was built next. By April of that year Sanford's Saloon was bought by Dr. Brown and turned into a drug store. In 1896 Madera became the county seat. They built a courthouse, jail, zoo, and county park. As time passed they grew and grew into what we see today. Present day shops and businesses can be found in the Madera, CA yellow pages.Madera has been home to many famous people such as Bill Aken, Kelly Beatty, Zoila Frausta, and Marcus Dorado.

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