About Newark

Newark, California is home to the San Francisco Bay's famous salt evaporation ponds. These salt ponds start at Hayward on the east side of the bay and continue around until they reach very near San Jose, California. They then continue up the west side of the bay until they reach Redwood City. The water in the area glistens very unique colors of red, green, and blue and are favorite spots for photographers. Taking photos in the area is best done with a maximum depth of focus while using a tripod. To get the top photos, make sure and include a focal point. After you have chosen your focal point, make sure and look at the foreground. Make sure that the objects in the foreground are pleasing to the eye. See what happens if you move a few steps right or left. Do you get a more pleasing photo? Generally you will only want to have the horizon in the top third of your photo. However, if you have a very interesting sky the horizon can be placed at the half way mark. When lowering the horizon line, keep a simple foreground.

Look for lines that can be used to lead the viewer’s eyes into the photo. Using this technique helps retain the viewer's interest in your photo. The best time to take these photos is usually the first hour that the sun is up and the last hour before the sun sets. Many photographers can benefit from taking a photography class which can be found using the Newalk, CA yellow pages.The salt evaporation ponds are popular feeding grounds for many shorebirds such as Willets, Avocets, Stilts, Phalaropes, and Eared Grebes, which are great photography subjects. Again there are some things the photographer needs to keep in mind to take the best photos. Putting the bird in the corner makes for a much more interesting photo and experts have proved that people will look at your photo about three times longer when this technique is employed. Secondly, make sure that the bird does not move while you are taking the photo and that you do not move the camera. Luckily with digital cameras you can take many photos, so take lots of photos. A great idea is to use a camera with a long distance lens. These types of cameras can be found by consulting the Newalk, CA business directory.

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