About Newport Beach

Newport Beach is a pacific coastal city in Southern California. Newport Beach is located about 45 miles East of Los Angeles. It is a fashionable and affluent area but also is a relaxed beach destination. Warm, balmy breezes make this an ideal climate. It is a great tourist destination. Newport Beach has something for everyone whether an individual wants state of the art shopping opportunities or a whale watching expedition in the Pacific. Newport Beach has an average yearly temperature of 67.5. It is an extremely temperate climate with rainfall averaging only 11.66 inches per year. Newport Beach's climate has been compared with a Mediterranean climate. The Pacific Ocean warms the coast in Winter and cools it is summer. It has exceptional weather for those wishing to visit the area. Newport Beach has an interesting and varied history.In 1871 explorers on the steamship Vacquero went up a marshy creek for trading, and decided to call the area Newport. In 1905 there was an electric railway that serviced the city. It provided transportation from the city of Los Angeles to Newport Beach. The city of Newport Beach has also annexed a number of surrounding areas.

They annexed nearby Corona del mar in 1923. In 2002, the area of San Joaquin Hills was annexed. Newport Coast became part of the city in 2002. Santa Ana Heights was also annexed in 2002, and 2008. This Newport Beach area now consists of 39.1 total land miles. The city has a population of 86,229 residents and a median income of over 110,000 dollars. It is the eighth most affluent area in the United States.Newport Ca. is also home to a number of businesses. They can be accessed by the Newport Beach, CA yellow pages, or by the Newport beach, CA business directory. There is a Fortune 500 company included in this list. The insurer Pacific Life. Those looking to do business in Newport Beach have a great resource in the Newport Beach, CA business directory. Newport Beach is a great place to visit, as there are a number of attractions that dot the area, including the Pacific Coast Highway, and the Newport Beach pier. Newport Beach is an attractive area that has something for everyone, and is one of California's best kept secrets.

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