About Oakland

Oakland is a city that is located in the state of California. The city of Oakland is the eighth largest city that is in California. Oakland is located near the San Francisco bay. Downtown Oakland is located on Lake Merritt. There is close to four hundred thousand people that live in the city of Oakland. The city of Oakland has more than forty neighborhoods located in the city. There is a Chinatown in Oakland. There is the diamond district, which has many jewelry stores and antique stores in the district. Oakland has an uptown section. There is Oakland hills, southeast hills, Middle East Oakland, and many other neighborhoods in Oakland.Oakland, CA has a lot to offer for tourists. There are numerous of restaurants to dine in. There are upscale Italian restaurants. There are a lot of Asian restaurants that serve authentic Asian meals. There are several pizza shops that have a variety of different kind of pizza.

There are a lot of fast food places that are located in Oakland, California. A person can look in the Oakland, CA yellow pages in the phone book. There are lists of restaurants that are listed in the yellow pages.Oakland has a very active night life. There are a lot of things to do in Oakland when it is night. There are a lot of different night clubs and bars that are located in Oakland. There are night clubs that have dance floors so people can dance. There are sport bars where there are big screen TVs that have sport games on them. There are wine bars that have a wide selection on imported wine from all over the world. There are bars that are located on Lake Merritt and the San Francisco bay that overlooks the water. There are bars that have comedians performing live stand up comedy shows. There are bars that have bands playing live music. A person can find out a location of a bar and night club by looking in the Oakland, CA business directory. There are a lot of businesses that are listed in the directory.

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