About Oceanside

Oceanside, California is part of a tri-city area, along with Vista and Carlsbad. There are 183,000 residents living in the city, located just outside of San Diego. With a semi-humid climate, the weather in Oceanside is cool, but pleasant throughout the year. July is the warmest month in the city, with the temperature averaging 74 degrees. During the winter, temperatures in Oceanside can cool down to around 63 degrees. January and February are the coldest months the city sees. The city receives only about 11 inches of precipitation in a one year period, with the most rainfall seen in the month of January. The area is home to more than 6 miles of beautiful beaches for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. Oceanside is also home to a large Marines Corp base. About 35% of the population of Oceanside have children in their home, while 54% are married couples.

Oceanside was first occupied by Native Americans; however, 1769 brought the first European settlers to the area. The city was, like all of the state, under Spanish rule until 1841 when the United States was able to conquer the area and make it into the city of Oceanside. It would be on July 3rd, 1889 when Oceanside would be incorporated into a city. Today, the city of Oceanside remains a popular place to visit the beach as well as to live, where those in the area can enjoy calm and relaxing weather and so much more. The city is large, yet still offers the amenities of a small town.It is easy to see why an Oceanside, California Yellow Pages directory may be needed to find what you are looking for. With San Diego less than 30 miles away, many residents of Oceanside look to the large city for various needs, including employment, shopping, short day trips, and even fun activities for the family. Of course an Oceanside, California business directory can also be used, it is all dependent on which method that you most prefer to use to access the information. No matter which method you prefer, you will find that both are simple and easy to use, and can help you locate what you need very quickly.

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