About Orange

Orange is a city in the state of California that is located in Orange County. It is located 3 miles north of Santa Ana. This city has a lot of homes that were built in the 1920s. The weather and climate in Orange is pleasant year round. This city has much to offer visitors. Parks and lakes make their home here. A zoo also attracts many visitors. Orange also has a university and a wildlife sanctuary. Outdoor shopping centers and live entertainment can be found on the western side of the city. Theaters, skateparks, and a bowling center also provide entertainment. A plaza is home to many antique shops. Every year the city hosts a flower show. Clothing boutiques are popular here, too. You can dine at casual and upscale restaurants that offer a variety of cusines. Women's clubs are really active in this city. A beautiful fountain is located in the center of Orange Plaza. The original fountain was built in 1886.

Many business listings and listings for restaurants and entertainment can be found in the Orange, CA yellow pages. Another resource for these listings are provided by the Orange, CA business directory. During Labor Day weekend, there is always an international street fair. This fair offers a variety of food, music, and dance from many cultures in the world. Orange is located near a few state freeways. Train stations and airports also provide transportation. The school system for Orange includes public and private schools and universities. Orange has five sister cities and they are:Novo Kosino, Moscow, Russia;Orange, Australia; Orange, France; Santiago de Queretaro, Mexico; and Timaru, New Zealand.The warmest month in Orange is August. In the winter the coolest month is December. In the months of May and June, there may be some overcast foggy skies. This area only gets about 15 inches of rain a year. Orange has a very vibrant commercial district. This city is home to the oldest bank and the oldest soda fountain. This city is really unique among the region and the state. This city is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

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