About Upland

Upland is located in San Bernardino County. This city is not very populated. It was once called North Ontario. There are a lot of famous people who are from this particular city in San Bernardino. Some of those people include actors as well as actresses, musicians, pro football players, soccer players, porn stars, as well as baseball players. Some of these people are: Jaydey Jaymes, Jeff Kostoff, Corey Miller, Danielle Chuchran, Tiffany Mynx, Sean Tracey, Ivan Shaw, as well as others.The education system for this one particular city is very extensive. There are a lot of schools for this city to be as small as it is. There are five private schools in Upland. One of those private schools is Carden Arbor View School. Upland Christian Academy is another private school that you will find in Upland, California. You will also find a private school by the name of Saint Mark's Episcopal School. This private school only goes up to the eighth grade. There are many campuses that are a part of this next school. The name of it is Western Christian Schools. They go up to the twelfth grade. The last private school is St. Joseph Catholic School.

There are multiple elementary schools that you can look into putting your child in. Some of those elementary schools include Baldy View Elementary School. There is also Valencia Elementary school. You will also find an elementary school that is called Pepper Tree Elementary School. Other elementary schools include Upland Elementary, Sycamore Elementary Sierra Vista Elementary, as well as Citrus Elementary. There are two middle schools that are located in the city of Upland. They are Pioneet Junior High School and Upland Junior High School. There are also two high schools in Upland, CA. They are Hillside High School as well as Upland High School.The majority of the people that live in Upland, CA are white. Whites are accountable for over sixty seven percent of the population. Over twenty seven percent of the population is made up of Hispanics and Latinos. About twelve percent of the population is made up of people who are of another race, which is not classified. Asians make up a little over seven percent of the population, while African Americans make up almost eight percent of the population. The Native American and Pacific Islander ethnicity make up one percent of the population together. About five percent of the population is of more than one race.

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