About Vacaville

This city is located in Solano County. This city is right in the middle of Sacramento and San Francisco. This particular city was a part of a Mexican land grant in Rancho Los Putos. This land was brought by Manuel Cabeza Vaca. There used to be an some sort of onion festival that was held at one point and time in this particular city. The only reason that this festival came to an end was because the plant that used to process the onions was shut down. The climate here is very much like that of the islands.The economy in Vacaville should be doing quite well. The average household in this city makes at least makes fifty seven thousand a year. There are quite a few pharmaceutical facilities that are located in Vacaville, CA. Some of those facilities are Genentech as well as Novartis International AG. Two other facilities include ALZA Corporation and Kaiser Permanente. These facilities employ a lot of the individuals who work in Vacaville. Tourism is another thing that should make the economic state of the city a good one. There are many things for tourists to do when they visit this city.

One of those things is the Vacaville Premium Outlets and The Nut Tree. This site has a life size checker board for the children as well as the adults to enjoy. There are lots of places for you to eat at and this tourist site has lots of places for you to shop at as well. There is something called the Festival of Trees that is held every December. This festival is held in an ice skating rink and they light a huge Christmas tree as well. There are two prisons that are located in Vacaville, California State Prison as well as Solano and California Medical Facility. Solano and California Medical Facility is a prison that houses inmates who are seeking medical treatments.There are four universities that are located in Vacaville. They are California Maritime Academy which is located in Vallejo, California. This university is a part of the California State University system. There is also Touro University. This university specializes in Osteopathic Medicine. They are located on Mare Island in Vallejo, California. Chapman University is the third university. They are located in Orange, California. There is also a University of Phoenix.For more information, consult the Vacaville, Ca yellow pages or a Vacaville, Ca business directory.

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