About Vallejo

Vallejo, California is located in the San Fransisco Bay area. There are 116,230 people who live in the city. In 1852 and 1853, Vallejo served as the capital city of the state. Each time the city was capital only for brief periods of time. In 2008, Vallejo became the largest California city to ever file for bankruptcy. The city of Vallejo is also known for a host of famous names hailing from the area. NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon is from Vallejo, as is rapper E-40, UFC fighter Nick Muniz, NBA star DeMarcus Nelson, and plenty of other big names. No one can ever forget the 1960s mass murderer, The Zodiac Killer, who also happens to hail from the city.The gay and lesbian community in Vallejo is large, as the community migrated from San Fransisco area during the 2000 to 2009 time period. There are many different activities tailored to the gay and lesbian community in the area, and they can all be found with the assistance of a Vallejo, Ca Yellow Pages Directory.

Inside of the directory, you will find gay community rights information, night clubs, and much more tailored to your lifestyle. Along with this, you have a directory of anything and everything that you could need in the Vallejo area. In a Vallejo, California Business Directory can also put you in touch with a local grocery store, a mechanic shop, veterinarian, or delivery restaurant. No matter what you need to find in Vallejo, you can find it here. The directories are available in both print and online editions, so you have the most reliable method of obtaining telephone numbers and addresses fast and easily.The average yearly income for a family living in Vallejo is $60,000 per year. That average is $2,000 more than the state's average income. The city offers a representation of a number of ethnic backgrounds, making it a very diverse city. 21% of the population of Vallejo holds a Bachelor's degree, with 81% having only a high school diploma. Half of the population of the city is married couples, and 28% have never been married.

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