About Victorville

This particular city is located in San Bernardino County. You will find that it is also a part of the Victor Valley. There are a lot of famous movies that have been filmed here. Some of those movies include The Hills Have Eyes, the original version of the movie. There was also The Hitcher. This movie was filmed in some part of Victorville. One of the videos that the group the Foo Fighters made was filmed right in the middle of Victorville and Apple Valley. The name of that video was Times Like These. The movie Terminator three was also filmed in this city. Other famous movies include: Play It to the Bone, Contact, Lethal Weapon, Kill Bill Volume two, as well as The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. These are some of the more famous movies that you can find that were filmed in Victorville.This city was developed in 1962. The mayor of the city of Victorville is Ryan McEachron and the manager of the city is Jim Cox.Some of the different zip codes that can be found in Victorville include: 92392, 92393, 92394, and 92395. The area code that you will find in this city is 760.

The majority of the population that you will find in the city of Victorville is of Hispanic or Latino origin. The particular city is made up of around fifty percent Hispanics and Latinos. The whites make up around forty two percent. They are the second most prominent ethnic group that lives in Victoville. Then the African American percentage of the population is just over sixteen percent. The races that make up just over one percent of the population are the Native Americans and the Asian population. The race that barely exists is the Pacific Islanders. They make up only .2 percent of the population. There are also people who are of two or more races. They account for six percent of the population. There are people of other races. They are accountable for sixteen percent of the population.Some of the top employers that you will find in Victorville include Verizon. Some of the different school districts, the hospital, as well as Wal Mart can be found in the Victorville, Ca yellow pages and Victorville, Ca business directory.

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