About Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek is a city that is located in the state of California. It is located about 16 miles from Oakland. Bay Miwok Indians first settled here. Walnut Creek has a Mediterranean climate. The school system of this city is made up of public libraries, public schools, and private schools. Major attractions of the city include parks, farms, arts, gardens, museums, shopping centers, golf courses, creameries, and churches. Most all businesses and attractions can be located in the Walnut Creek, CA yellow pages or the Walnut Creek, CA business directory. This city has been featured in about 5 movies.Walnut Creek has two sister cities, which include Noceto, Italy and Siofok, Hungary. Walnut Creek has a website that can provide visitors with maps and directions. Hotels, motels, inns, and lodges provide great accommodations for visitors. There are quite a few restaurants located in the city for dining. These restaurants include American, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and much more. Some of the city's parks offer tours. Picnic areas, barbecue areas, restrooms, hiking, and trails are also available. This city is surrounded by creeks, cities, and bays. Butterfly gardens are popular here. Wildlife museums attract many visitors. Nature lovers can enjoy over 130 species of native plants.

Some parks have oak trees that are hundreds of years old. Popular sports in the city include volleyball, tennis, swimming, soccer, softball, and basketball. Dog parks are also available. Park reservations can be made to schedule special events. Walnut Creek also has a skate park and admission is free. The skate park opened in 2005. This is a very unique skate park. It is really unusual when compared to similar parks in the Northern California area. The park is a lighted park, which stays open until 9 pm. Walnut Creek is an excellent place to take a family vacation as it has much to offer in recreational activities for the whole family to enjoy. It is also a great place for business meetings. There are a wide variety of places to choose from for hosting special events and occasions.Youth sport parks provide much entertainment for youth. Children's playground areas are open from dawn to dusk. There are a few neighborhood parks as well. This is an excellent area to relocate your family if you are planning to move to California. Dogs are allowed in many of the parks, but must be kept on a leash. Walnut Creek has many beautiful parks that attract people from all over the world.

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