About West Covina

Like the other cities of the area West Covina, CA started out as an agricultural town. From 1919 to 1929 walnuts were the crop of this city until walnut disease diminished the population of walnuts. Also at this time walnut prices plummeted making it unprofitable to grow them. This is when oranges became the main crop of West Covina along with a few other foods such as potatoes, cauliflower, and carrots. This lasted until the 1950s when more and more people began moving into the area after the war. The Hurst family who had the most important farm in the area was forced to relocate to the San Joaquin Valley away from the city they helped to grow when they first moved West Covina in 1906.The modern day city of West Covina, CA is located in an area that is far removed from any large cities. It contains a highway which will take residents to the major cities if they need to go there, but it is the place to live for those who would rather not live in an industrial city.

It gives its residents a view of the mountains to the north and is close enough to drive to the many tourist attractions around Southern California. Several amusement parks and water parks exist for the enjoyment of everyone year round since the weather is agreeable most of the time. For those who like to avoid driving too much on the highways West Covina has public transportation to suit their needs.The city of West Covina, CA yellow pages is full of the businesses that people need when they move to a new city. For example, the West Covina, CA yellow pages have a link to Chinese restaurants. The patron will find several different Chinese restaurants listed and ready to be tried by anyone new to the area. If the house needs to be painted, customers will be in need of a painting contractor. One can easily find pages of painting contractors under the link in the yellow pages. To find a business in the city of West Covina, CA business directory buyers can do this online. Any of the search results yield websites which offer links to all the businesses that a person could search for. One can also do a search for a particular business in a particular city. A search engine exists right on the West Covina, CA business directory where people can either search by business name or category.

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