About Westminster

The city of Westminster is located in Orange County in California. The city was founded by a Reverend in 1870. He asked people with his morals and ideas in religion to come to his new colony. In 1872, a schoolhouse was built and opened with only 13 pupils. By the end of 1874, there were approximately 62 families that settled here. The Tribune, the first paper, began production in 1878. In the 1880s, train systems brought more people to the land. Before that time, transportation to the area was only available by ship. Dairy farming became a major source of income in the 1890s.. The city became incorporated in 1957 and was first called Tri City. In the early 70s, the city called Little Saigon was overwhelmed with Vietnamese refugees.The climate and weather in Westminster, California is very mild year round. There are approximately 70 percent of the days that are very sunny, and the average temperature in Westminster is 70 degrees. Most summer days are moderately hot, but the breeze that comes in from the ocean makes it unnoticeable. The winters in Westminster are fairly mild and they do not receive much rain.

When visiting Westminster, CA there are many interesting things to see and do. The Westminster, CA yellow pages can lead you to many interesting historical sites and other points of interest that one would want to visit. There are some exciting historical parks and museums that relive the people that were here in the 19th and 20th centuries. Some of these places have gone through extravagant restorations. Westminster, CA also has some memorial sites that are from the days of war that are very interesting to see and visit. One very interesting place that attracts visitors is the area of Little Saigon. The Asian Garden mall is located here and has a lot of offer in clothing, jewelry, and several different cuisines. There are street vendors who you can enjoy haggling with for good prices on items to purchase and they are well known for lowering prices to please the visitors. Westminster is a city that is very diverse with a fairly large Asian culture. During the year, many festivals and celebrations are held. Be sure to check the Westminster, CA business directory where you can find many tour guides that can take you through the wonderful sites in Westminster.

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