About Wilmington

Wilmington, Delaware is the largest city in the state of Delaware and is the county seat of New Castle County. It was originally colonized by settlers from Sweden in March of 1638, and was christened Fort Christina. In 1664, it was taken over by the British; in 1739, it was renamed Wilmington after Spencer Compton, Earl of Wilmington. The climate of Wilmington is subtropical with a flat, low lying topography that enables weather to remain humid.The demographic of Wilmington is that of the African American non family: the majority racially is African American, which makes up 56.43 percent of the city's population, and household concentration is that of the non family, with 44.5 percent. The city is skewed towards those under 44: 66 percent of the population was under that age. The median income of a family in Wilmington is $40,241, and the per capita income is $20,236. Only 16.8 percent and 21.3 percent of the total population lives under the poverty line, with the majority of that being the under 18 population.

The government of Wilmington is a city council with thirteen members. The mayor is elected by the entire city. Crime was a problem in Wilmington until the late 1990s, when the city government placed the entire downtown area under surveillance, and practiced a controversial tactic known as jumpouts. The government is also tackling health issues. The city has one of the highest per capita HIV rates of infection in the United States, with disproportionate infection rates in African American males. Needle exchange programs were recently enacted to combat the spread of HIV among drug users in the area.

Wilmington's economy is somewhat based on the credit card industry, due to pro business regulations enacted in 1981. Those regulations removed the usury laws normally enforced in most states, which removed the interest rate cap that credit companies can charge consumers. Some of these companies include Bank of America, Chase Card Services, and Barclays Bank of Delaware. Also headquartered here is ING Direct. Wilmington also prospers in the insurance industry. Insurance companies that do business in Wilmington are ALICO and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. If you wish to find out more about businesses in the area, please consult the Wilmington, Delaware yellow pages and the Wilmington, Delaware business directory.Wilmington also has several popular festivals held each year. The most popular is the Italian festival, run by a local Catholic church. Others include the Greek and African festivals. They also celebrate Hispanic week, which coincides with National Hispanic Month.

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