About Jacksonville

The city of Jacksonville is located in the northeastern section of Florida and is the states largest city. This city was originally dubbed Cowford, due to the amount of cattle in the area. It became known as Jacksonville in 1822 and was renamed after Andrew Jackson.

Jacksonville, Florida is located on both the Atlantic Ocean and the St. Johns River. This makes the location great for transporting goods by water. Jacksonville has one of the leading ports for the automotive industry. The economy of the city is very diverse. You will find financial Services, Travel Related Services, Technology, and Manufacturing Companies throughout the region. For a complete list of area businesses, you can check the Jacksonville, Florida, Business Directory. Many large companies call Jacksonville home. Among them you will find Fidelity National, Winn Dixie, Landstar Systems, and MPS Global. There are also many health care companies in the city, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Baptist Health, and St. Vincents Medical Center. The eclectic mix of industry makes Jacksonville the perfect place to relocate.

The weather in Jacksonville makes it an appealing place to live and work. Housing is still reasonably priced. If you are looking for a local real estate company be sure to check the Jacksonville, Florida, Yellow Pages. You will find a complete local listing that can help you with all your relocation needs. Once you find a Realtor, they can help you with all your housing needs.Tourism is another big industry in Jacksonville. The city is located approximately two and a half hours by car from the Orlando area and about thirty minutes from St. Augustine and Daytona Beach. The beaches are fabulous along the Jacksonville coast. Many people plan a stopover in this area when planning their trip to the amusement parks in the Orlando area. Jacksonville International Airport has daily service to most national destinations. If you need a directory of the local airlines that service the area you can check in the Jacksonville, Florida, Yellow Pages. You will find toll free numbers to help you research and compare air fares, so you are sure you are getting the best deal possible.

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