About Kendale Lakes

This city is located in the Miami area. Kendale Lakes is a part of West Kendal as well. They were once very populated with people who were Jewish. One of the well known Blvds that is located in Kendale Lakes used to be an outdoor mall;it was called the Kendale Lakes Mall. It had a lot of family owned businesses that were in it. Most of the people who shopped there were mainly the locals and they loved their shops, too. There were a few specialty shops that were located in this mall as well. Some of them include stores that most people have never even heard of. For example, the store called Second Skin. Another store that was located in this used to be mall was Tiger Tea House as well as Burns Bakery. Now this mall has become known as El Dorado Blvd.The majority of the people who are residents in Kendale Lakes, FL are of the Hispanic and Latino race. Hispanics and Latinos make up nearly seventy seven percent of the population of people who live in Kendale Lakes. The next ethnic group that you will find is most prominent is the people who are of the Caucasian race. They make up nineteen percent of the population.

The people who are of more than one race make up almost four percent of the population. People who have classified themselves as other make up a little over five percent of the population. Asians account for two percent of the population, while African Americans account for just a little more than the Asians. African Americans are responsible for a little over two percent of the population in Kendale Lakes, Florida. The people who are considered Pacific Islanders do not even make up one percent of the population. The Native Americans that live in Kendale Lakes do not make up one percent of the population either.The demographics of Kendale Lakes is constantly changing. The Spanish speaking language has risen over fifty percent in the past ten years. People who were native Spanish speakers accounted for eighty three percent of the population as of 2000. With it being 2011, this number has changed drastically. There has also been a rise in the number of people who have a native language of French Creole. These people account for almost one percent of the population. The people who speak English as a first language are starting to decline in numbers. English speaking people are only fifteen percent of the population. For more information about this city, check out the Kendale Lakes, FL yellow pages or a Kendale Lakes, FL business directory.

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