About Kendall

The earliest inhabitants of the Kendall, Florida area were the hunting Native Americans known as the Paleo-Indians around 13,500 BCE. They were followed by the Seminoles, who were a fighting tribe of Native Americans. The land that we now know as Kendall, FL, was first settled by the Seminole Indians about 1500 years ago. The Seminoles were a hostile people who were the only Native American tribe to never sign a peace treaty with the United States government. When much of the rest of Florida was opened for homesteading, the area around present day Kendall, FL, was not opened, which made this area slower to develop than much of the surrounding territory. In 1883, the state of FL sold the land to Sir Edward Reed's Florida Land and Mortgage Company, which was responsible for surveying and mapping much of Florida. Sir Edward Reed was a British naval architect, author, and served as a liberal in the House of Commons from 1874 to 1906. He hired Henry John Broughton Kendall to manage the land for him. Henry John Broughton Kendall was born in Lima, Peru, where his father was the British Consul for Peru.

By the time he was 30, he was the London Consul for Bolivia. He first traveled to America in 1883 as the Director of the Union Bank of London. Over the next twenty years, he would work for four additional major British firms with interests in the United States, including Farmer's Loan and Trust Company, which would eventually become known as Citibank. Readers interested in banking today should consult the Kendall, FL business directory. Mr. Kendall lived mainly in London, but spent much time in the New York area where he was instrumental in the building of the Holland Tunnel. There is no record of him ever living in the Kendall, FL. area. His name, however, is on many early deeds to land in the area and he was known as a very kind man. The first post office was opened in Kendall, FL in 1914, the same year that Mr. Kendall died. The first school did not open in the area until 1929.Today, Kendall, FL, is a suburb of Miami, being located in Dade County, Florida. It lies 10 miles southwest of Miami on US Route 1. Kendall is the home of one airport called Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport, which is a general aviation airport. For more information, open up the Kendall, FL yellow pages.

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