About Kissimmee

Whenever someone hears about Central Florida, Orlando seems to come to mind. However, there is another spectacular city in Central Florida that many people have not yet heard of. This magnificent city that will mesmerize you is Kissimmee, FL. This fantastic city is located in Osceola and Polk Counties and is approximately 20 minutes away from the popular Disney World. It is also home to numerous attractions, which can be found by checking the Kissimmee, FL yellow pages or the Kissimmee, FL business directory. With many of the land preserved for wildlife, Kissimmee, FL is one of the best cities in Central Florida for viewing wildlife in harmony in their natural habitat. It is also home to the famous Lake Tohopekaliga, also known as Lake Toho, which always puts a smile on the face of those who adore fishing.This spectacular city has an area of 17 square miles and it also has a wide diversity of plants and animals. With a current population of approximately 60,000 people, according to the 2010 Census Bureau, this multi-racial city is truly one of a kind. Kissimmee is also a tropical city where the average temperature in the winter is about 40 degrees and about 90 degrees in the summer.

It is also prone to hurricanes, but the impact is less severe when compared to the neighboring cities, such as Tampa and Melbourne. Unlike many cities that consist of huge buildings, Kissimmee is quite the opposite. Due to hurricanes, the buildings are mostly ranch or one story homes. Ranch homes played a significant part in the history of this amazing city.The beautiful city of Kissimmee was founded in 1883. During this time, it was very famous for its cattle rearing. As such, a majority of the homes were ranch homes. However, a few years later, a Union Army soldier by the name of Hamilton Disston purchased four million acres of the land in Kissimmee, with the intention of deepening the Kissimmee River and to promote trading. The new railroad system in Kissimmee that was later constructed also facilitated in making Kissimmee an excellent trading post of its time. Later, with many new constructions as well that the opening of the Walt Disney World in Orlando, numerous families were attracted to Kissimmee; the recognition and population grew enormously. In the 1970s, the population was more than 62,000 people due to these major changes in Kissimmee. Today, Kissimmee is still growing and is becoming more popular.

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