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Larson Drilling Service LLC can provide you professional, economical drilling services to meet you needs for water wells or geothermal installations. And, we will work with your water and/or geothermal installation contractor to ensure you have a system that will serve you for years to come. For geothermal service, ground source heat pumps tap the natural geothermal energy underground to heat and cool your home. A fluid is circulated through an underground loop of polyethylene pipe. This is called a closed loop system. The fluid absorbs heat from the earth during the winter and dissipates heat from the house during the summer. The heat or cold from the fluid is converted to hot or cool air by circulating it through water-to-refrigerant and refrigerant-to-air heat exchangers. The loop of polyethylene pipe buried in the ground can be installed vertically (to conserve space) or horizontally around the outside of the home. Depending on location, the pipes can also be coiled in a pond rather than buried underground.





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