About Joliet

Joliet, Illinois is a large city with a huge population. The city is located 45 miles southwest of Chicago and boasts the fourth largest population of Illinois cities with over 150,000 residents. As for history, the city dates back to the 1830s when the first Yankee settlers came to the area. The city was later flooded with immigrants and has since become a cultural and entertainment haven in the Midwest. The city has a major casino, a raceway, one of the most beautifully restored cinemas in the US, and plenty more for those looking for a night out. Joliet began as a modest community and quickly grew in popularity. The city has attracted the ever-wealthy families and the industrial savants as well. The great mixture of ethnicities in the city has led to an abundance of restaurants and other cultural marks upon the city. The past can be reviewed at the Joliet Historical Museum or through various activities and sites throughout the city. The Slovenian Women's Union of America & Slovenia Heritage Museum is another place to find the history of Joliet. The Hiram B. Scott Mansion showcases the architecture known in the area during the late 1800s. Much of the sites in Joliet combine great history with modern entertainment options.

And the entertainment seems to be everywhere in Joliet. Guests to the city will revel in the shows that take place every weekend. The Rialto Square Theatre showcases a great deal of the early architecture of the 1920s with modern performers gracing the stage. The cinema is one of the only standing historical cinemas in the area. The Rialto hosts several conventions, musical acts, and other performances throughout the year. One can take the guided Mosaic Walking Tour to experience some of the art and culture Joliet has to offer. This is available at the new community center near the downtown area. The summer months are packed with activities, including concerts, sporting events, and car races. There's plenty to do in Joliet when it comes to the warmer climate. When the wind starts to bring the chills, head down to the numerous theaters, casino, or out to the many clubs in the area. Entertainment should never be a problem in this city. Joliet has a lot to offer, with a large populace and booming economy. The city has never been better, in spirit or in terms of tourism. There's so much to do and see in this great Midwestern city. If you have not had the chance to visit Joliet, do so at your earliest convenience.

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