About Wichita

Wichita is a city in Kansas that is located in Sedgwick County. In 1870, Wichita was incorporated as a result of businessmen coming to the area to trade and hunt. Also, many cattle drives were along the Chisholm Trail that went right though Wichita. In addition, Wichita was named the Air Capital of the World due to many 20th century aircraft pioneers who started projects in this area. Beechcraft, Stearman Aircraft, Mooney, and Cessna were all air corporations that were founded in Wichita. Today Wichita is still the home to Cessna and Hawker Beechcraft. Boeing, Spirit Aerosystems, Learjet, and Airbus; all are currently based in Wichita as well.

According to the United States Census, there are approximately 345,000 people living in Wichita. About seventy percent of Wichita residents are White, while only 12.5% are Hispanic. Blacks make up for about ten percent, while Asians, Indians, and Hawaiians make up the remainder of the population. Close to 84% of the population in Wichita has at least a high school diploma. Additionally, 25% of the population has a Bachelors Degree or higher. According to the Wichita, Kansas yellow pages, there are many colleges and centers for education in the city to assist with these degrees and diplomas.Furthermore, health care is a top career that many women who live in the area choose. The top career for Wichita men is transportation equipment with construction following shortly behind. The average household income in Wichita is around $44,000. Furthermore, the approximate value of a Wichita home is around $116,000. Rent is roughly $600 a month, depending on size of your home and location. The Wichita, Kansas business directory can assist with Realtors and listings of homes for sale and rent.

Wichita has many nice hotels, restaurants, and bars for the residents and tourists. One can use the Wichita, Kansas yellow pages to find the above places. There are also many popular attractions, including The Old Cow Museum, and the Sedgwick County Zoo. One can find these listings in the Wichita, Kansas business directory. The temperatures vary in Wichita according to season. In the winter, the average low is around 20 degrees and the high is around 50 degrees. In the summer, the low temperature is about 70 degrees, while the high is around 95. The snowfall rate is lower than the national average, and there are plenty of sunny days in Wichita. In fact, about 60 percent of the days per year in Wichita are clear and sunny. Wichita does, however, have a very high tornado rate as compared to the United States national average. Their tornado rate is 189% higher than the United States average. Despite the seldom bad weather, Wichita is a nice place to live with many businesses and a beautiful night skyline.

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